Barge Forum 2022

Graag nodigen wij u uit voor het vijfentwintigste Barge Forum. Aan de hand van voordrachten worden maatschappelijk relevante aspecten van het vakgebied van de fysische antropologie in het openbaar besproken. Dit is in overeenstemming met het gedachtegoed van professor dr. J.A.J. Barge (1884-1952).

Het forum wordt gehouden op zaterdag 5 november 2022, om 10.30 uur, in zaal 005 van het Lipsiusgebouw, Cleveringaplaats 1, 2311 BD te Leiden.

“Developing An Osteoarchaeology of Health Inequality.”

dr. Sarah Schrader


Social inequality and resultant health inequalities are profound in today’s modern world and significantly contribute to increased morbidity and mortality. The World Health Organization estimates that 87% of premature deaths due to non-communicable diseases occur in low and middle income countries. Previous and ongoing osteoarchaeological research is working towards better understanding how inequalities are experienced and how they have changed through deep time. The skeleton presents a unique opportunity to examine the intersection of health and inequality owing to the plastic nature of human remains in life. The recently funded Embodied Inequality project will explore when health inequality emerged in an early case of state formation (Ancient Nubia, ca. 2,500-1,500 BCE). In addition to examining the appearance of inequality, the project will also explore how inequality changed through time, whether or not living environment (rural, suburban, urban) impacted the prevalence and severity of inequality, as well as to what extent potential vulnerabilities put individuals at increased risk of said health inequalities. Osteoarchaeological research such as this has the potential to answer questions, not only about the history and trajectory of health inequality, but also regarding how systemic these inequalities are in our modern world. 

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